Westminster’s Colors Retreat

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7 Mar 2019

Keller Hawkins, Chaplain Resident and Coordinator for Community Engagement for The Center for Faith and Service, hosted her first retreat ever. The retreat started years ago around 2007. The goal of the retreat is bring sophomores from different ethnicities, religions, and other background identities so they can chat about self-awareness, leadership skills, what they bring to the Westminster campus and how unique and distinct their skills are.

Hawkins states, “We are better together and that we belong.”

There were three goals that Hawkins wanted from the retreat, 1 – For students to understand their self-awareness of their leadership skills, 2 – Understand how they fit into the community and their general sense of belonging, and 3 – Keller wants to get to know the students on a deeper level because she’s new here to campus. For future retreats, Hawkins and The Center for Faith and Service team plans to develop new ways to market, so that they can make sure they have many applicants for the following year. Professors and other staff members can nominate sophomores for the retreat. In the future the team plans on trying to move the retreat in the fall so that way, they can have a reunion for all of those who went on the retreat in the spring, so students can keep up with friendships they made at the retreat.

New events coming from The Center for Faith and Service are a three-part sex talk series. The first one was hosted on Feb. 13th, the next two will be March 13th and April 10th at 7 pm in Sloss Lounge. It is open for all students, so they can comfortably talk about sex in a safe space with other students. Other organizations involved with this sex talk is Remley Women’s Center, Alliance, and The Wellness Center. The Alternative Spring Break takes place March 16th-22nd. The group will go to Memphis, Tennessee, to see the civil rights museum, do service work with a local church, eat delicious Memphis BBQ and much more. Students still have until Monday 18th to sign up for the trip! If you have any questions regarding any event, you can email Keller Hawkins, keller.hawkins@westminster-mo.edu.


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