Football Takes New Field Against Iowa Wesleyan

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12 Sep 2018

Blue Jay nation celebrates the new football field with the first home football game against Iowa Wesleyan on Saturday. September 15th at 1 p.m.


New bleachers for the stadium haven’t been installed yet, so attendees are asked to bring their own couch or chair and a bottle of Gatorade that will allow them to participate in a halftime Punt, Pass, and Kick competition. Fans are welcome to join the Spirit Tunnel to welcome the team to the new field prior to the first whistle, and the first 250 people to arrive will receive a commemorative cup of the event.


For more information regarding the stadium project, where to view the live stream of the game, or where to meet for participation in the Spirit Tunnel, see our WestMo News site. We will see you there and go Blue Jays!


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